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lincoln washington JATJ

Original miniature oil paintings in one inch scale by
Susan Robbins, I.G.M.A. Fellow

All paintings are on laminated paper using oil and medium to produce a soft coating with the minimal of visible strokes. No painting is duplicated or in print. The Guild School is in Castine, Maine and included are many seascapes of lighthouses that dot the Maine coast. Having a great love for cats, I try to include a new cat portrait with every new set of miniature paintings. There are oil paintings that vary from Pennsylvania covered bridges, Venice canals to U.S. presidents. If you find a painting that you had wished to purchase has been sold, I can produce another painting with the same subject matter, but it will have a different perspective, view, time of day or include something that gives it individuality. I hope you can find that special miniature painting for your dollhouse wall or one to add to a collection.

***I am now concentrating on portraits of all of the American Presidents. Visit often and see the collection grow!


Paintings by Commissions

Paintings by commissions are possible. Please include size desired, time frame, and a photo of the subject. Due to show commitments, Christmas deliveries are not available.

Thank you for visiting Painting by Inches and please peruse the "My Collection" pages to see my dollhouse and other miniatures in my collection.


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